Monday, 25 April 2011

Frank's '65 Bug and wheels!!!

Good evening guys! Today we're taking a look at some beautiful pics Frank sent me yesterday! Now Frank is not the owner of the Bug in the pics anymore, but he kept the Sprints and of course, that's a very good choice! Nice job, Frank!!

"Thanks, a little history on these wheels. They came on a 1967 Empi GTV Sedan at the Dealership I worked at. They sold the car but kept the wheels and when the dealer closed I got them.

I later put them on this 1965 Sedan for my son Steve. They were front size 15 X 4.5 and rear size 15 X 5.5 using 155SR X 15 tires on front and 185SR70 X 15 on the rear. They suffered some road rash in the use, but are still in very good shape. Sold the Bug, but kept the wheels.



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