Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Hi guys. Since I changed my computer, I lost all the pics I was waiting to publish. So, if you read this notice and you sent me an email with pics not yet published please contact me and send me the mail again. Thanks,


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Andreas Sprintstar collection (Part 4)

and last but not least:

my fouth set, i'm still working on it to get it also chrome plated in 2 4 inch an d 2 5.5 inch ( the chromecenters are real 4 inch empis, the painted ones are ral 5,5 inch empis)

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Andreas Sprintstar collection (Part 3)

my third set which have been mounted also on my 56 before i got my chromend ones: 2x 4inch (33mm offset) + 2x 6,5 inch (custommade):

Friday, 14 November 2008

Andreas Sprintstar collection (part 2)

my second se t, not real chromed ( called ptv chrome , it is equal to powdercoating) on my 56 oval: 2x 4inch (33mm offset) 2x 5,5

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Andreas Sprintstar collection (Part 1)

Hi guys, update time!!!! Our dear friend Andreas sent us some pics, and believe me they left me breathless. His cars are fantastic, and his wheels are perfect! I think each set of sprintstar deserve a single post, so I divided in 4 parts the pics he sent me and I'll post the following in the next days (so keep visiting our blog). Oh by the way, before writing Andreas words and posting the pics I'd like to put the link to Andreas blog, really really cool.

"So my set on my 57 oval with my doughter: 2x 4 inch(offset 24mm) + 2x 5,5 inch new chromed"

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Let's help a Sprintstars friend

Hi guys, I received this help request from an italian friends. Please read it and if you know a possible answer, help him. Thanks:

hello guys, I'm Davide and I'm restoring my '71 dune buggy. I found these Empi by Lemmerz sprintstar wheel, 2 in 15x5,5 and 2 in 15x8, to put on my buggy.
I'd like to color the inside in black as the original style. Which kind of black I have to use? Do you suggest to start painting black and after to paint it gray again?
Thanks a lot,

Monday, 3 November 2008

Rob's '67 Beetle

Hi guys. Here we are again with a new amazing beetle with our favourite wheels. Take a look at the pics and read the description of Rob:

"Hello Sprinters!

Here two pics of my '67 Beetle, equipped with 4-bolt Sprintstars. Both front and back are 4.5 J x 15, the front with 165/65 and the back with 185/80-tyres. The production-date stamped in the wheels is 08/69. I've had them blasted and powdercoated in black. The tape-masking and spraying the (dark-)silver I did myself, and I think it looks very good. The car is rather original, except from a 1.6 stock engine, some slamming on the front-axle, front discbrakes, seats from a 1303 GSR, and South-African green-tinted windows with a blue sunvisor in the windscreen and pop-outs in the back. Anyway, a great Volkswagen to me!

All the best, Rob"