Monday, 3 November 2008

Rob's '67 Beetle

Hi guys. Here we are again with a new amazing beetle with our favourite wheels. Take a look at the pics and read the description of Rob:

"Hello Sprinters!

Here two pics of my '67 Beetle, equipped with 4-bolt Sprintstars. Both front and back are 4.5 J x 15, the front with 165/65 and the back with 185/80-tyres. The production-date stamped in the wheels is 08/69. I've had them blasted and powdercoated in black. The tape-masking and spraying the (dark-)silver I did myself, and I think it looks very good. The car is rather original, except from a 1.6 stock engine, some slamming on the front-axle, front discbrakes, seats from a 1303 GSR, and South-African green-tinted windows with a blue sunvisor in the windscreen and pop-outs in the back. Anyway, a great Volkswagen to me!

All the best, Rob"

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