Thursday, 14 May 2009

Javier's 1972 Empi GTV

Guys, take a look at this real beauty. It's my favourite special series ever! And it's still in the family of the first owner!!!! Ok, let's move to the pics and the words of the owner...

I speak english but not very well . excuses me if you does not understand me. This car is in my family 37 years old. first it was of my grandfathers, after my father and now its mine. the exact reference is a Special Edition 1302 EMPI GTV 1972. motor 1600cc. everything in the car is original. a hug and I hope see soon the photographs of my car in your page and my name too. I live in Bogota Colombia and this car is the only one in the country and I believe in the south America.
Javier osorio

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Eric's Sprintstars from France

Hi guys... new update today, take a look at these marvellous cars and wheels:

I'm french and my name is Eric.
I bought my first sprint set long time ago (18 years).
First set was 4 lug 5.5j15.
After there was also 4 lug but in 4.5.
Then, comes 3 set of 5 lug, first for my 181/kubel/trekker in 5.5+8j15, second was a set of 4 5.5 and now 4+5.5 for my oval.
My dream is a OG chrome set of 5 lug in 4.5+5.5.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sprintstar keychain!!!!

Hi guys! Our friend Tom told us about this wonderful keychain which is exactly like a wide five Sprintstar. Take a look at the pic, and if you're interested and/or want more info about buying it follow this link: