Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Göran's bug from Sweden

Hi again. Another update guys, seems like everyone's mounting Sprintstar's :-)
This one's from Sweden, and these are the pics and the description of the owner. Another lovely bug, isn't it?

here is my 67 from Sweden, 4,5 in front and 5,5 in the back. i´m a sucker for whitewalls so i had to have them and i think it turned out fine.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Bob's '72 beetle

Hi guys, this is the time for a new update. You're going to see a '72 beetle from our Dutch friend Bob. I really love this bug, one of the best 12 volts I've ever seen. I love the paint, love the bumpers, and obviously love the wheels. Let's see some pics and a brief description:

"Buongiorno guys,

This is the '72 beetle I owned until last year. It's fitted with 5,5" sprints all round. the new owner still drives it around this way, he only raised it a bit.

I hope you like it (I still do!) and that you'll put it on your site.

All the best,


Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hajee's Sprintstars and Bus

Good morning. Another update, thanks to our Dutch friends. This is Hajee's bus, still work in progress but already wonderful. Let's see the pics and the description of the owner:
"My name is Hendrik-jan, my friends know me as hajee. I also have a set of sprintstars for my '64 splitbus.. 5.5's front and rear; the rear is still stock so they don't fit yet, until my straightaxle kit is mounted... the bus is still"under construction"but hey, here some pics.."

Friday, 19 September 2008

Niels' '60 ragtop

Here we are again, with Niels' amazing car. A '60 ragtop with 5 bolts sprintstars... here are his words:

"Hi all,

Here are some pics of my '60 ragtop with original 5x205 EMPI sprints.
I'm rollin' on 4,5J in front and 5,5 in the back.

I also have another set ready for my '53 splitbus project!"

So we can't wait for the pics of your '53 split dear Niels :-)