Thursday, 31 May 2007

For sale : Steve's 5 bolts Sprintstars [$ 1950]

As i wrote when I opened this blog, we want to put here everything about Sprintstars, even ads. That's why you find here these beautiful 5,5" X 15" 5 bolts Sprintstars, sold by Steve. I will just put a couple of pics, if you're interested in the wheels you find the full ad at the following link:

Steve's monotone 4-bolt Sprintstars

Here we are again... first of all thanks for the 500 visits in just 5 days... thanks a lot. To celebrate this event, here you are new pics. These wheels' owner is Steve, and I met him on
Let's see what he says about them: " I tend to agree, Sprintstars really ARE one of the most beautiful wheels madeas far as custom wheels go. The thing I like about them is that they don't have the "harsh angularity" that the very popular BRM/BRM replicas have--the Sprints seem to have "softer edges," which, to me, go better with the graceful curves of old VWs, like Bugs and Ghias. Just my feeling anyway. The fact that they're *steel* (the originals anyway) also appeals to me on some level--maybe more of an "old school" type of thing...

I've done refinishing projects on both 5-bolt and 4-bolt in the "standard" two tone rally wheel silver w/dull black highlights (wow, the masking job on 4-bolters is a lot more intensive than for 5-bolters), also some monotone silver 4-bolters, which, to me, allowed the slots to stand out a bit (they kind of get lost in the blackness otherwise).

The latest look I'm anxious to try is glossy black monotone, with chrome lug bolts & caps. Here is my set of 4-bolt narrows, as freshly painted last fall (not sure what kind of tires I want to put on them yet, though)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

EMPI GTV beetle from USA

Hi guys, I wanted to wait for the registration of the owner, but I can't wait... I have to post the pics of this car... it's amazing... I'll post the pic and the brief description the owner (Zach Gomulka from Prescott, Arizona, USA), I want to read your comments, 'cause I find the car wonderful...

Here is my GTV, originally fitted with chrome 5.5" Sprints all the way around, now with 4.5" up front and drop spindles with 4 wheel disc brakes Smiley Sorry, second pic is from a cell phone.

Working on the wheels

These are the wheels' photo during the restoration...


this is a couple of 8" !!!! really exagerate ! but nice !

someone intersted in this couple of wheel ?


Dudu - sprintstar and snow !

Here we are !!!!!

Hi my name is Andrea and the nice red beetle is dudu !
this is the first picture with a set of sprintstar bought in Switzerland ... with many others !
Stay tuned because in the next day new picture of the car with a different set of wheels is coming.



Hello everybody,
First of all I’m sorry for my English!
I think that the Sprintstar Blog’s is a very good idea and it is a pleasure for me write on it.
I have buy my wheels from a guy here in Italy and I know that he have been bought its in Switzerland.
I like this wheels very much, in effect I have them a lot of time before my beetle.
Now, after some work days’, this is the result!!

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Hi Everybody!

Hi everybody!
First of all, thanks to Enrico (Maggiolino84), for creating this blog.
I am "the other guy", who is enthusiast of Sprintstar wheels, and who will put a series of them under his Superbeetle.
Now my Sprintstar, 4,5"x15 for the front axle, and 5,5"x15 for the rear, are totally black, but they will become black and grey before going under my bug.
Asap other Italian sprintstar owners will post their car's pics, and I hope to post mine next week.

My beetle... obviously with Sprintstars

Here is the first post. My 1986 Jubilee Beetle, with its "brand new" Sprintstar wheels. I bought these wheels from a guy here in Italy, but I know they have been imported some time ago from USA. Those wheels are original, their size is 5,5" X 15" and I think they fit perfectly on my little Bug :-)