Tuesday, 29 May 2007

EMPI GTV beetle from USA

Hi guys, I wanted to wait for the registration of the owner, but I can't wait... I have to post the pics of this car... it's amazing... I'll post the pic and the brief description the owner (Zach Gomulka from Prescott, Arizona, USA), I want to read your comments, 'cause I find the car wonderful...

Here is my GTV, originally fitted with chrome 5.5" Sprints all the way around, now with 4.5" up front and drop spindles with 4 wheel disc brakes Smiley Sorry, second pic is from a cell phone.


pole_80 said...

This car is wonderful...no words... simply a dream!!
Can we have other pics?

borge said...

really great!!
empi gtv is one of the best special series!!

Whyshchuck said...


Is this possible to chrome sprintstars?
This means - paint black chromed sprintstars. Would the black paint stay on chromed wheel?