Thursday, 31 May 2007

Steve's monotone 4-bolt Sprintstars

Here we are again... first of all thanks for the 500 visits in just 5 days... thanks a lot. To celebrate this event, here you are new pics. These wheels' owner is Steve, and I met him on
Let's see what he says about them: " I tend to agree, Sprintstars really ARE one of the most beautiful wheels madeas far as custom wheels go. The thing I like about them is that they don't have the "harsh angularity" that the very popular BRM/BRM replicas have--the Sprints seem to have "softer edges," which, to me, go better with the graceful curves of old VWs, like Bugs and Ghias. Just my feeling anyway. The fact that they're *steel* (the originals anyway) also appeals to me on some level--maybe more of an "old school" type of thing...

I've done refinishing projects on both 5-bolt and 4-bolt in the "standard" two tone rally wheel silver w/dull black highlights (wow, the masking job on 4-bolters is a lot more intensive than for 5-bolters), also some monotone silver 4-bolters, which, to me, allowed the slots to stand out a bit (they kind of get lost in the blackness otherwise).

The latest look I'm anxious to try is glossy black monotone, with chrome lug bolts & caps. Here is my set of 4-bolt narrows, as freshly painted last fall (not sure what kind of tires I want to put on them yet, though)

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