Thursday, 28 April 2011

Oscar's Mexican Beetle

Hi guys! As you probably know I love all beetles, but in particular I love the Mexican ones, probably because I owned one. So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you Oscar's Mexican Beauty. Do you like it? I think it's very very beautiful!!!

"Hi, I just want to share some pictures of my mexican beetle with sprintstar wheels.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Benou67's Bug with BBT Sprints!!!

Good afternoon blog!! Today I'm showing you the pics of a wonderful '67 Bug with BBT Sprintstars. They're repros, but they wonderful anyway, don't you think so? The bug's owner is Benou67, from the forum. Enjoy!!!

"my 67' with new bbt sprint stars : 4,5 in front, 5,5 in rear"

Monday, 25 April 2011

Frank's '65 Bug and wheels!!!

Good evening guys! Today we're taking a look at some beautiful pics Frank sent me yesterday! Now Frank is not the owner of the Bug in the pics anymore, but he kept the Sprints and of course, that's a very good choice! Nice job, Frank!!

"Thanks, a little history on these wheels. They came on a 1967 Empi GTV Sedan at the Dealership I worked at. They sold the car but kept the wheels and when the dealer closed I got them.

I later put them on this 1965 Sedan for my son Steve. They were front size 15 X 4.5 and rear size 15 X 5.5 using 155SR X 15 tires on front and 185SR70 X 15 on the rear. They suffered some road rash in the use, but are still in very good shape. Sold the Bug, but kept the wheels.



Sunday, 24 April 2011

Fredy66's Sprints bug

Good morning again guys. Ok it's Easter, but we're working for you anyway :-)
Today we are publishing fredy66's pics (it's his nickname on He did not write a description, we just know it's a fantastic 1969 bug, but I think the pics comment themselves. Very beautiful Bug Fredy!!!
If you want to add a description please contact us and we'll update this post!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Good morning guys, and happy Easter to everyone!!! Stay tuned, we've tons of pics waiting for you!!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

3sche's '67 bug

Good morning guys. Today I'm in a hurry but I want to publish the pic of this wonderful beetle. It's a 1967 one and the owner's nickname on is 3sche. Here you are, enjoy!!!!

"Mine's are 4,5 front and 5,5 back on my '67 bug,,,(no repro's!!!)"

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hajee's amazing Split bus!!!

Hi! Do you remember Hajee and his bus? No? Ok, i can forgive you, because it was 2008, so here is the link to that post.
At the time the bus was still "work in progress", and now we are very happy to show you the pics of the bus today, and you'll noticed that it is much much better!!!

saw your post on airmighty..
my bus is already on your blog...(about 2008)
but there it was " under construction"
meanwhile it is almost finished.. so maybe you can ad some new pics on your site..

cheers, hendrik-jan

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Nico's Oval from Germany!!!

Hi guys. Another Sprintstar beetle today, another beauty!!! I just received his email with the pic of his beetle, but it's so beautiful that I can't wait publising it. So here you are... this is Nico's bug.
I love it, even if I probably would detail the wheels, but that's just personal taste.

"Hi guys!

I live in Germany and I have a '57 oval window beetle with judson and obviously Sprintstars..4 inches in the front and 5,5 rear..(absolutely original)
Here's a pic of my bug!



Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Murat's 1303 from Turkey!!!

Hi guys. Today I will show you Murat's Super Beetle. It's a 1303 and he comes from Turkey!!!
Murat sent me quite a detailed description so, take a look at the pics and read Murat's words!!!


Hi there, my name is Murat and I am a 1303 owner from Istanbul, Turkey.
I can state that my enthusiasm for bugs began right after I was born because my father took my mom to the hospital by a 73 1303S to give me birth in 1973. That means I am lucky enough to have a journey in a brand new super beetle even I was so young to remember
But there are some cool memories that I hardly remember with that lovely marinblue bug, for example sleeping at the back of the back seat or waiting at gasoline queues with my father for long hours.
When I decided to have one just for hobby reasons, I decided to own the same car, tried to find from the number plate but sadly found out that it was wrecked long before and the number plate is now identifying a tractor
Anyway, first I found a 74 in 2007 in good condition and baught it. But in the meantime there was a 73 in the parking place where I live and I tried to find the owner for months to buy it. The old lady asked for a fortune to sell that to me so I gave up and went for the 74 I found. After nearly 2 years, I learned that the owner of the 73 decided to sell it and we agreed on a price which is nearly half of what she asked 2 years ago. Sold my 74 and took my dream into my garage...
It is a really good looking 1303 with silver blue color. Unfortunately the color is not the original but very close to L96 Metallic Blue. I asked for the originality check from VW Museum in Germany and saw that it was Marinblue, just like the one I was born in. But the condition of the car is so good and so well cared that I see no reason to change the color at least for several years. Also there was something wrong with my engine number because the first letter of the code is “T”. Once more I consulted to the museum and they have approved that it is the original VW built engine for Type3 cars. That means, in some time, there was a need of change and the only engine they could find is this one. Thank god it is not a replica. The good thing about the engine is that the figures in the documents show that the power is nearly 60hp and I can really feel it while driving.
After buying it, there was nothing to do with the exterior or the engine so I focused on make-up mostly. Ordered a lot of nice things from cip1 and vwheritage and installed them mostly by myself or with some good mechanics I know for years. The only big spending I did is for the upholstery. The seats are rebuilt and covered with cream beige leather. Door panels also. Now, it is a great pleasure to be in the car because the colors and the feeling is extraordinary.
I changed all the Windows with a brand new set and installed the pop-outs I baught long ago from a recycler. Renewed the set with latches and rubbers from cip1 and now they look great. Lately, I installed a set of sport suspension springs to the front and applied my kamei replica spoiler. The tyres are changed with a set of DUNLOP Sport LMs accordingly with 175/60/15 at front and 195/65/15 at the back. Now the stance is even more charming and the car looks really aggressive on the road.
Now, I believe I own a very special classic, one of iats kind in my country and I really love it. My garage is under 4 storeys down the ground and I also cover it with special cloth covering. Never take it out when raining or snowing. Ignite it at least once in a week and take a small ride either in the garage or around the destrict. If there is a special event, I take it to there or if the wetaher is nice, my kids love to take rides with it. I hardly wash it 4 or 5 times in a year so I believe that it will be rust free for long years.
But my unique enthusiasm was a set of brand new sprintstars since I first baught my bug and that dream came true last summer when I found a great deal at vwheritage ssp products for a full set. I immidiately ordered them and 15 days later, bingo, I had them. I admit that it took weeks before I installed it to my beetle becuse I exhibited the set in my living room for a long time :) Now, I have a very special and unique bug with “only” 4 bolt alloy sprintstars in my country as far as I know."

Monday, 18 April 2011

j-dub's bug!!!

Hi guys, I'm sorry but today I'm a bit late. Anyway I'll post an incredible beetle so I hope you'll forgive me :-)
Today's pic is about j-dub's beetle. J-dub is his nickname on If he wants to add his name and other words to his comment to his beetle I invite him to comment the ost. We will be very happy if he tells us more. Ok, time to show you the pic!!!

"Here is one of mine, 4.5" up front, 5.5" in the rear."

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kurt's question!!! Please let's help him!!!! Don't be shy!!!

Today we have a question. It comes from Kurt and it would be really great if someone can help him. Come on, I know some of you have the answer :-)

"First question for the reborn registry, who has the exact paint codes for the silver and black!!

Asked by many people, seems nobody knwos!!

Keep this excellent website allive!! I will post piccs of my wall soon!

Kurt Van Perre
Flatline Lowriders"

Neil68's Sprint's bug

Did you think we were having a rest on Sunday? Well, you were just wrong :-)
Today neil68 from let us publish the pic of his beautiful beetle with 4 lug sprints.

"Great website!!

Sprintstars are one of my favourite 4-bolt wheels. I used to run a set of four original 1968 4.5" EMPI Sprintstars, but have now switched to 5.5" (on the rear) to get more rubber on the road. Currently using M&H 215's for some 1/4-mile racing, but also still street drivable. The caps are originals.

I had the wheels blasted, primered, enamel painted in the original colours and then clear-coated."

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Aiork's Brazilian Fusca!!!!

Hi guys, today I'll show you a special beetle. It's a 1994 Brazilian Fusca, of course with Sprintstar wheels!!! I think it's very very beautiful. Its colour is fantastic, and it has a very very particular dashboard. What do you think about it? Write it in the shoutbox and in the comments!!!

"Hi from Brazil, Im Aiork, here go some pics of my beetle 94 (Fusca Itamar) with sprintstar 4 lug by EMPI!

30.000 visits!!!! THANKSSSSSSSS!!!!

Yesterday night the blog reached the huuuuuuuuge number of 30.000 visits since we opened it. What can I say... well thanks very very much and keep visiting and supporting us!!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Oli's '68 standard

Good afternoon guys. Oli sent me another pic and today I'm gonna publish it. In the picture you can see Oli and his '68 bug, let's see what he says about the pic.

"Hi again Enrico,
that is me and my old 68 Standard Beetle. at the front 4,5 and back 5,5 drop spindles and adjustable front axle.
Regards Oli"

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clem's '68 Westy with wide 5 Sprint repros!!!

Hi guys, as promised today I show you Clem's other Sprintstar ride... ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you... Clem's bus!!!
Isn't he lovely? :-)

"I have wide 5's on my Westfalia ... these are the BBT repros. The first pic shows the first run out for me on T2D ball joint spindles and T2D detailed BBT sprints, while the second is a close-up of the BBT Sprints on my 68 Westy"

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Clems' Ghia with 4 lug Sprints!!!

Hi guys, another day, another update! Today I'll show you Clems' Karmann Ghia, equipped with 4,5" 4 lug Sprints. Well actually in the pics we can't see the whole car yet, but we can imagine it, and she is probably very very beautiful. Come on Clem... show us the whole car :-)
Oh by the way... the Ghia is not Clem's only ride... so stay tuned to see his other beauty :-)

"Ive just done a set of 4 lug Sprints for my Ghia. 4.5's all round and am pretty pleased with then. I had a pair of 5.5's and they were no good for the rear when lowered. The 4.5's up front required a little clearancing on the casting on the front calipers. "

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Micke's Sprintstars: new layout!!!

Hi guys, how are you? Today I'm posting Micke's pics. Do you remember Mickes? He's from Sweden, and he already sent us the pics of his wonderful bug with Sprintstar wheels almost 3 years ago: Micke's bug

Now he repainted his Sprintstars totally changing the layout, and the result in my opinion is awesome on his black bug. Take a look at the pics!!!


I have repainted my Sprintstars, I'm really pleased with the result, I gonna stick with this for a while.

Micke from Sweden"

Monday, 11 April 2011

Oli's '72 Beetle

Hi guys. This is the second part of Oli's pics!!! After the Sprintstar wall, I'm very proud to introduce you... Oli's Beetle. Here are the pics and Oli's words. Enjoy!!!!

Hi I have on my own beetle front and rear 4,5 x15. The Beetle is an original from 1972, he has a 1200cc 34hp engine and it is still a tde carburetor system on the motor he has rare kamei accessories in the interior.
Greeting Oli

First IMPORTANT updates!!!

Ok, after 2 years of silence these first days I'm going to write quite a lot, just to let you know the avalnche of new features available on the blog, so here you can find a brief list of what I changed up to now:

- Changed the appearance of the home page and of the link list. It's a dynamic list so the link to your blog will be on top if you regularly update your blog!!!

- New pics and new posts (I have my mailbox full of Sprintstar pics you sent me in the last 2 years, so be prepared to A LOT of awesome pics!!!! (sorry for late)

- New e-mail address: You can use it for questions, for doubts, if you want to send pics or anything else.

By the way, I want to remind you that there are 3 ways to post your pics or questions on this blog: The first one is sending pics and description to the mail address above. The second one is writing an email to the same address asking me to allow you to post on the blog so you'll be able to post the pics yourself. The third way is attaching the pics and the description to the posts I'm writing in all the biggest VW forums around the world.

- New FACEBOOK page!!!! Come and visit it, leave a comment and click on "I like it"!!!!


- New "sharing" feature! you can now share theblog posts on Facebook, Twitter and the other most important social networks!!!

Do you like all these features??? Do you have suggestions about how to make the blog better??? Please comment!!!!

MANY more features are yet to come.... STAY TUNED!!!

A wall of Sprintstars

First pics after almost two years... thanks to Oli from Germany that sent me its pics this morning. I'd like to divide them in two different posts, because the first one is very particular, as you are going to see. Anyway, let's see the pic and Oli's comment. Nice pic Oli :-) And of course wonderful wheels!!!

Hello from Germany, here you have a photo of my sprint star wall. there are various sizes of 4.5 or 5.5 or 7x15.
Greetings Oli

Work in progress!!!

Hi everyone!!! I just want to tell you not to worry too much if while you visit the blog you see that it's a little bit messy.
As I told you before I have some new ideas for the blog so I'm changing a lot of things, and until I have not finished there's actually a bit of mess.

Anyway don't worry, keep visiting the blog and in the next few hours you'll begin to see it changing (hopefully it will improve).

I already have some Sprintstar pics and news ready to publish in the next days, maybe I'll publish the first one today, so come back here, and subscribe our blog so that you'll be noticed about updates.

See you soon!!!!

Here we are, again

Hi everyone! After almost two years of silence I'm here again to update this blog. I saw you kept visiting the blog even if the last post dates back to mid 2009 so thank you very very much (we have almost reached 30.000 visits, which is not bad at all). Many things have changed in these years, but we're still here, with a lot of new ideas for the blog. You'll see in the next few days.
I want to thank the people who sent me their pics in these two years. I'm sorry I haven't published them. Now that we're back here, please send me your sprintstar pics, questions, ads or anything else about sprintstars to:
If you send me your pics, please add a description so that I can make a post for you on the blog.
So, tell your friends we're back at work, and keep visiting our blog!!!!

Cheers :-)