Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Clems' Ghia with 4 lug Sprints!!!

Hi guys, another day, another update! Today I'll show you Clems' Karmann Ghia, equipped with 4,5" 4 lug Sprints. Well actually in the pics we can't see the whole car yet, but we can imagine it, and she is probably very very beautiful. Come on Clem... show us the whole car :-)
Oh by the way... the Ghia is not Clem's only ride... so stay tuned to see his other beauty :-)

"Ive just done a set of 4 lug Sprints for my Ghia. 4.5's all round and am pretty pleased with then. I had a pair of 5.5's and they were no good for the rear when lowered. The 4.5's up front required a little clearancing on the casting on the front calipers. "

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