Friday, 19 June 2009

Davide's Sprintstars for sale

Hi guys, today we have an update from Italy. Davide wants to sell its Sprintstars. If interested please contact us or take a look at the link he provided. I'll put both the original Davide's message and a translation in english for non - italian readers.

Ciao, ho messo in vendita i miei sprintstar 4 fori. ti allego una foto delle ruote. Sono originali Lemmerz, 2 sono 15x5,5 mentre gli altri 2 sono 15x8.
con i cerchi do anche i copri mozzo sprintstar e volendo anche 4 adattatori per montarli su tamburo 5 fori.
Ho messo l'inserzione su ebay: Clicca per il link

Grazie mille,

Hi, my 4 bolts Sprintstars are now for sale. I send you a pic of the wheels. They're original Lemmerz wheels, 2 of them are 15X5,5" and the others are 15X8".
Included are the sprintstar center caps and if you want also 4 adapters for wide five drums.
They're for sale on ebay too: Link

Thanks a lot,

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