Thursday, 4 June 2009

1303 from Germany!!!

Hi guys. Here we are again with a new update. This is a wonderful 1303 super beetle from Germany, and this is how Markus, the owner's brother, describes this lovely sprintstar equipped bug:

Hi folks,

my name is Markus from Germany. Here are some pics of the 1303 of my
brother. It is running 5.5J15 up front and 7J15 ET16 on the rear. The
car is the first car of my brother being purchased and restored in the
beginning of the ninties. After focussing more on the family and house
building thing, the beetle was stored away for more than 10 years now.
Recently we pulled it out of the barn and threw some Sprints on it. I
think it looks cool.

My stuff can be found at My convertible
shall be running Sprints also, but that will take another winter or so :-)

Very best regards

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headlight guy said...

You don't see many cars like that anymore! Nice pics!