Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Something else about Javier's 1972 beetle

Hi guys, Javier sent me an email, since he wanted to add something else to the description of his wonderful bug. So it's a pleasure for me to share with you his words.

Original Economotors Export -
Owned by Javier Osorio, Colombia.
This car has been in my family for 37 years first belonging to my grandfather, then my father, and now its mine. It was imported from USA to Colombia and everything on the car is original. There has ben some repainting and repairs in certain areas. The car was first registered in Phoenix, Arizona with plate number RGE 714 before being exported to Colombia.

Joe Vittone owner of Economotors: Volkswagen-Porsche Dealership, offered new cars fitted with a range of EMPI kits but which were still covered by a full Volkswagen warranty. The cars were known as the EMPI GTVs - 'sports cars in a box' Simply called GTV standing for GRAN TOURING VOLKSWAGENS, those bugs were called Mini Porsche, Small Wonder, Muscle beetle or whatever the name, they were considered as very special cars... "HAPPINESS IS AN EMPI GTV" as they said back in the days... And they were right, believe me... Most important, these improved bugs were delivered with a full Volkswagen warranty-

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