Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Sprintstar KG from Denmark!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, sorry if we don't update the blog soon, but I'd like to thank our friends that keep sending us pics of their VW's with Sprintstars. Here we have a KGG from Denmark. Let's see the pic and the description:

This is my 1960 Ghia and restored Sprintstar wheels (4½ front and 5½ rear). It is a Schwiez made Ghia, one of 1100 made in 4 years bach then! Now (since 1967) it is in Denmark, restored in 1994-97 and driven in the sommer since then. It is not original, but maybe looks like it? It got a 2017cc engine whith 48IDA + CSP brakes!

Have a nice day
Kim Riishede
Copenhagen Denmark.

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