Monday, 1 October 2007

Mirko's Burdigone

Here is what Mirko says about his bug: "Burdigone is a Blue German '75 beetle. It has 255/60/15 tyres (with 8" Sprintstars wheels) in the back and 205/50/15 tyres in the front (we are preparing 6,54" Sprintstars for the front tyres).
We can call it a little muscle-car since it's big and the engine's got a lot of power. It's a 2276 turbo with 2 48 carbs. Its gearbox is made to be mainly used on highways. By the way it's a very beautiful car to park in front of a pub, and it leaves all those thugs with their Golfs, Mazdas, ecc breathless, since I leave them all back at the traffic light. I own it since 2004, and I use it mainly to go to meetings all around Italy.


Marco said...

Eccolo il Burdigone è tra di noi!!!!

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Tom said...

Extremely nice...ohhhh coooool!!!!